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We Provide 1 to 1 ADHD Coaching!.

Did you know that having ADHD can come with incredible strengths and skills?

Of course, it can also be challenging and sometimes even debilitating – but only if you don’t know how your very special brain works.

1 To 1 Coaching With The ADHD ADVOCATE

Our coaches are here to help you direct and control your ADHD rather than have it control you. We understand how the ADHD brain works and more importantly, we understand what it’s like to be you.

Why…? Because we all have ADHD too!

Having ADHD gives us the edge as ADHD Coaches because we’ve been in your shoes and we will always have a foot in your camp. The difference is that we have the professional training and experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles of the neurotypical world. 

We Provide General & Specialist ADHD Coaching

General ADHD Coaching


School Children

University Students



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