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ADHD Parent Education Course

The Goal Is Interdependence, Not Independence.

Parenting with ADHD, and indeed parenting ADHD kids, can feel really lonely at times. Many parents suffer in silence or beat themselves up for "not being good enough".

This self-paced online course covers what parents need to know and do in order to support their children with ADHD and effect the positive change they want to see in the home.

About This Course​.

Parents have access to our monthly live session and online parent education course covering:

  • Module 1: How to Thrive, and Not Just Survive
  • Module 2: Self-Care
  • Module 3: Prepping for Success, at home and beyond
  • Module 4: A Holistic approach to ADHD

By the end of this course, parents will be able to look at their child through an ADHD lens, recognise and cultivate their strengths and interests, adapt their parenting styles to promote their parenting goals and last but not least, learn how to put on their oxygen masks first.

Understanding ADHD.

What we've found with coaching teens with ADHD is that their biggest challenges include:

  • They don't understand the way their brains work.
  • Executive function challenges increase overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Their parents - Oppositional Defiance and Rejection Sensitivity strains relationships.
  • Revision isn't fun for these teens that have an interest-based nervous system.
  • Distractability, impulsivity and too much choice means revision often falls by the wayside.
  • Many students feel alienated not knowing anyone else with ADHD. They have a negative narrative and often feel disempowered due to the stigma of ADHD.
  • ADHDers are sprinters and not marathon runners. The rewards are not immediate enough...
  • Students don't know what they actually want. They say they want good grades but "why"? Students with ADHD do better when they live on "pull" not push.

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ADHD Parent Education Course

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