Eleni Sfiroudis

Senior Coach

Age Groups: 17+

Credentials: ADDCA certification, MBA in Marketing, Industrial Management degree

Hello!  I’m Eleni, a Senior Coach at The ADHD Advocate. I started where you may be—overwhelmed and unsure of what ADHD is.  Whether you’re looking to support your own diagnosis or that of a family member, friend, or colleague, there is loads of ADHD information available—but what does it all mean for you?    

 I’ve seen firsthand how ADHD coaching can start the transformation from having no understanding of ADHD, to recognizing how to embrace ADHD and thrive.  This doesn’t happen overnight!  But in my experience as a coach and as a parent, becoming “ADHD-educated” is the first step to embarking on this journey.  And that journey is uniquely yours!

 Coaching can help change the narrative that many ADHDers find themselves trapped in. There is often huge potential that can be difficult to recognize and even harder to action—and that’s where I can really help!  I understand how to spot these challenges and will help you develop strategies to get them out of your way so you can thrive.

 I offer individual ADHD coaching for adults, parents and students, executive function and academic support and study skills, and parent training and education.   

 I earned an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from Duquesne University, and earned my ADHD coaching credentials from ADDCA.   I have been coaching with The ADHD Advocate for over 4 years, and work with clients in the UK, the US, and beyond.

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