Roberta Locatelli

University Students Coach (ADDCA)

Age Groups: 18+

Credentials: ADDCA, PhD in Philosophy with a thesis on philosophy of mind and psychopathology, and an active research, program on neurodiversity, ADHD, and philosophy of psychiatry.

Roberta is an ADHD coach trained at ADDCA with more than a decade of experience in academia and a robust research background in neurodiversity, ADHD, and philosophy of psychiatry. 

Roberta has lived, studied and worked in several countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK) and has an intimate understanding of the complex experience of the ADHDer who’s driven to embark on exciting new experiences abroad, while also struggling with the challenges that come with the adventure (having to adapt to ever-changing environments and cultural norms and languages, the lack of a local support network, and feeling isolated and misunderstood.)


  • Adult employees (especially academics and driven professionals in creative or intellectual professions)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • University students

  • Immigrants and travellers

Client Engagement:

Roberta fosters holistic well-being and enhances client outcomes through personalised coaching. With compassion and understanding, she empowers clients to overcome their unique challenges and achieve sustainable growth in a supportive environment.

Why Choose Roberta?

Roberta’s coaching is deeply influenced by her research on neurodiversity and informed by the latest empirical research. Her extensive experience in academia makes her uniquely positioned  to understand the needs of students, academics, and other professionals in demanding jobs. She employs a compassionate, strength-based, action-oriented approach to help clients overcome obstacles and tap into their creativity, celebrate their uniqueness, and magnify their strengths. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, Roberta tailors her coaching approach to meet individual needs and goals, fostering meaningful, lasting, and sustainable results.

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