Sarah Knight

ADHD Coach

Age Groups: 10+

Credentials: PGCE, National SENCo Award, ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Hello, I’m Sarah, a Certified Coach at The ADHD Advocate, dedicated to supporting individuals with ADHD to be the best version of themselves, both personally, academically and professionally. With an extensive leadership background in education, both nationally and internationally, and spanning almost 20 years, I bring a unique set of transferable skills, experiences and insights to my coaching practice. Intrigued by our uniqueness as human beings, I have spent time researching and understanding our many differences. Importantly, how these can bring such a variety of experiences and perspectives to both the classroom and the workplace. Within my roles as a senior leader, inclusion has always been at the forefront of what I do; I have paid particular consideration to how our behaviours contribute to the interactions we have with those around us. As a SENCo I have realised the profound impact that understanding and structured support can have on the students I work with, as well as their parents and teachers. This passion for helping others navigate the complexities of ADHD has led me into coaching, with the desire to make a meaningful difference to the lives of all my clients. 

My Approach:

I believe that every individual with ADHD is unique. Taking time to truly understand my clients and their objectives, I specialise in providing personalised coaching that aims to address their strengths and challenges. Being fully present during our sessions, I create a safe space where my clients feel confident to bring their whole, authentic self and be fully accepted.

My coaching method focuses on working with my clients to develop customised strategies that fit their lifestyle and goals, helping them manage time, increase productivity, and enhance their organisational skills. Together we identify and leverage strengths to overcome any challenges, fostering self-confidence and resilience. Realistic and achievable goals are set, and broken down into manageable steps, ensuring continuous progress. I always provide ongoing support and accountability, helping my clients to stay on track and celebrate their successes.

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Sarah’s outstanding coaching skills have helped me far beyond what I initially anticipated. With calmness and clarity she has brought me from a place of self-doubt and weakness to a place of confidence and strength. This has been transformative for my working relationships and as a result for my career.

“After working with Sarah I have become much stronger, and learnt how to set myself individual targets to complete, as well as how to hold myself accountable.”

“From first meeting Sarah I felt an immediate sense that she was interested and open to supporting me, not only to grow my business in the practical sense, but to listen and encourage me to step out of my limitations, and patterns of self-sabotage.”

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